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Our Staff.

Our Staff.

Senior Minister, Rev. Linda Kemp-Baird

Administrative Assistant, Dorothy Ashton

Having the gift of organization and administration is key to working in a church office.  I joined this Disciple of Christ congregation in 1985 and I bring these God-given gifts of service daily in the church office.  I love the tasks of using my creativity and meeting people who come to the church office.  From creating bulletins to managing emails and more, I am now in my 6th year of serving the church as Administrative Assistant to the Pastor and to the congregation.

Music Director, Julie Recnher

I have loved music ever since I can remember, riding my rocking horse and listening to the stereo.  My music “career” started when I was 3, playing “Doe A Deer” on my toy xylophone for house guests.  I began playing in church for Vacation Bible School when I was 13, and I have been playing in services ever since.  I have an appreciation for a wide variety of musical styles, although I play mostly classical for my enjoyment.  I am thankful for the gift of music God has given me and count it a previlege to share it with you at First Christian Church in DeLand.
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  Our Staff.

Senior Minister,              

Rev. Linda Kemp-Baird

Admin.  Assistant,              

Dorothy Ashton

Music Director Julie Rechner