First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
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Regular Kid's Night - Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

The session opens with dinner with small groups at tables with a leader at each table. The food is blessed and prayer of the youth are announced. As dinner progresses there is a helpful discussion led by the adult leader. Outdoor activity follows, then a learning experience commences in small groups.

Parents are invited and strongly urged to attend to see what the children are experiencing in the meetings, be able to ask pertinent questions and offer support for their children. Parental participation greatly improves the value for each child as well as for the family.

The youth learn about the principal spiritual leaders of the Old Testament and discover how people of faith prepared the way for Jesus Christ to come into the world. Children and youth have often missed the biblical background for their faith. These kids get to experience the faith of those people in a dynamic way.

A Fall Festival, "Truck or Treat" is  planned for the Halloween season. The children prepare for the live nativity in front of the church for Christmas and pack plastic shoe boxes for children overseas.

Youth can plan to get involved for a lot of good fun and experiences, and parents can give encouragement. We are fortunate to have Dr. Janet Raney what has developed a great study plan to reach kids at each age level.